Oprah Grows Avocados...and You Will Not Believe the Reason Why

Oprah occasionally posts pictures of her incredible gardens. Okay, so not too surprising that Oprah would have incredible gardens...but she recently revealed why she grows certain things like avocados. Today's special. avocados #greatguacamole and figs. Gonna chop the figs and cook in oatmeal #...
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This Bizarre New Proposal Trend Involves... Avocados?

Yes, avocados are amazing. Avocado toast, avocado lattes, and avocado on everything is all the rage when it comes to food trends. Well, now we bring you the latest avocado trend. It doesn't involve eating them, but instead, it's about using an avocado for your marriage proposal. Nothing says I want...
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Hospitals Seeing Increase in Avocado-Related Injuries

Avocados ARE fantastic, but apparently, people are having trouble cutting into them. In fact, they're having so much trouble that hospitals are seeing an increase in the number of knife wounds due to people slipping while cutting open an avocado. There have been so many of these that the injury is...
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