Bono of U2 performs in concert at Madison Square Garden in New York / Beyonce performs at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival at Indio Polo Grounds / Jay Z

Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Bono, & Family Sing "Brown Eyed Girl"

This could be the only time in your life where you see Beyoncé, JAY-Z, and Bono all sitting at one table, eating dinner, and singing Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl."
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College Swimmer Recreates Beyonce's Dance Moves in Viral Video

Ok, seriously. How long did it take him to learn these dance moves? He is nailing this so hard! A college swimmer for Alabama named Christian Styrcker has called himself Beyonce's biggest fan and it's pretty hard to argue with based on his dedication to her routine. Here's a video that's gone viral...
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Blue Ivy Embarassed by Her Parents ... Again and It's Hilarious

Blue Ivy is once again hilarious and proves it doesn't matter how famous your parents are... they still embarass you. Blue was spotted at mom & dad's concert in London, you know... just Beyonce and JAY-Z, and during the part where they play video of her parents laying in bed together... Blue...
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Adele Dancing to Beyonce Is Greatness (WATCH)

I already love Adele, but her showing her love for Beyonce makes me love her even more! Adele posted videos on her Instagram using the hashtag that was blowing up around this time, #Beychella, showing just how much she was loving watching Beyonce's performance at Coachella. Why the trumpet? No idea...
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Who Bit Beyonce???

The entire gossip world is talking about Tiffany Haddish dropping just a bit of the news about how someone bit Beyonce at a party. WHAAAT?! In her GQ interview, Tiffany Haddish says she was at a party beck in December where this incident happened. She says when Beyonce told her she’d been bitten,...
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Elton John Confirms New 'Lion King' Music with Beyonce Is in the Works

Elton John may be retiring from the road, but the pop legend will soon be crafting new music that will live forever. Plus, Beyoncé will be joining him as a collaborator for some of that new music. John has just confirmed that he will indeed be working on music for the upcoming live-action remake of...
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Full Cast (Including Beyonce) Revealed for Upcoming 'Lion King' Movie

It’s official! We’ve been waiting for this announcement, and it finally happened last night. Beyoncé has signed on to the upcoming live action version of the Lion King . Other stars attached to the 2019 film include Donald Glover , James Earl Jones , Seth Rogen , John Oliver and more. Disney had to...
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WATCH: Kevin Hart Challenges Beyonce, The Rock & More to Help Hurricane Harvey Aid

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is challenging some of Hollywood's power players to step up to the plate to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The 38-year-old actor recalled some of the other "internet challenges" that have gone viral in his Instagram post. Hart donated $25,000 to help the victims...
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