Turns Out Game of Thrones is a Live Action Shrek! You have GOT to see these pictures.

One Game of Thrones super fan has figured out what I can't believe we didn't see all along. Game of Thrones is basically a live action remake of Shrek ! Check out these pictures from these Twitter posts. It's proof! :) So basically Game of Thrones is a Shrek live action
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Yes, Game of Thrones Left a Starbucks Cup in a Scene

If you watched very carefully this past Sunday, you might have spotted it. Did you? Yes, there was a coffee cup left in a Game of Thrones scene. During the celebratory feast in Winterfell there was a paper cup, like Starbucks, by Daenerys but actually in front of Jon Snow’s seat. Daenerys Stormborn...
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German students have algorithm for Game of Thrones deaths

Spoiler alert: Computer science students at the Technical University of Munich have developed an application that scours the internet for data on the popular Game of Thrones series, and uses an algorithm to predict which characters are most likely to survive to the end of its final season. Project...
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Game of Thrones takes over Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas (WATCH)

Fire-breathing dragons held court over the world-famous fountains at the Bellagio casino-resort Sunday, as familiar elements from the TV phenomenon "Game of Thrones" were projected on the rising water. The jets danced to a score incorporating the recognizable theme song before one of the colossal...
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Game of Thrones cast

Self-Destructing Scripts Will Keep 'Game of Thrones' Ending a Secret

Thanks to the power of the internet, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid leaks and spoilers, but according to a recent interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the final season of 'GoT' will (hopefully) be kept on lock.
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