Jaws In Concert with the LPO

Experience Steven Spielberg’s thrilling masterpiece of suspense on The Mahalia Jackson Theater’s huge HD screen, while John Williams’ iconic score is performed live by the LPO. Jaws is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios. All rights Reserved. Tickets range...
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disco ball

WATCH: 'Studio 54' Documentary Headed to Theaters

Watch the trailer for the upcoming 'Studio 54' documentary.
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"Whitney" Movie Trailer - I'm not Crying. You're Crying. (WATCH)

It breaks my heart watching this movie trailer for Whitney . Hearing from people who knew and loved her. Remembering she wasn't just a superstar, but a real person dealing with struggles that so many do. Then there's ALL THAT TALENT. The film, which will be in theaters this summer, includes “...
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Service Lets You See Movies in Theaters for Just $9.95

A new service will allow you to see as many movies as you'd like for a flat fee, and it's definitely affordable! How cool is this? Going to the movies is expensive. Tickets are $10-12 depending on the theater, and that adds up if you're a movie fan. The new service is called MoviePass, and for just...
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