New Louisiana Child Safety Seat Laws Coming in August 2019

Buckle up the kids! There are new child safety seat laws that will be changing in August 2019. Here are the new rules according to Louisiana State Bill 76: Children under the age of 2 years will be restrained in a rear facing child safety seat. A child who is at least 2 years old and has outgrown...
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Dog Dies from Playing Common Game in Water with Family

I hate to share sad stories like these, but it's something I've never considered everytime I've tossed a ball out for a dog to get in the lake or a pool. It's not common, but just like people can die after injesting too much water, so can dogs. This family is sharing their story to try and raise...
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Parents: Snapchat has a New Feature That Could Put Your Kid in Danger

A new feature on Snapchat now shows your location whenever and wherever the app is being used. The good news is that there are safeguards to opt out of the new feature, "Snap Map."
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