Target Fights Amazon's Prime Days with Deal Days of Their Own

Look out Prime Days... Target's Deal Days are comin' for ya! On Monday, July 15th, and Tuesday, July 16th (do those days sound familiar??? Yep! Amazon's Prime Days) Target's having some huge sales of their own and they're reminding you that there's "no membership required." Here's a preview of what...
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Shopping Amazon Helps Bride Spend Just $3000 on Dream Wedding

I'm not saying $3000 is chump-change, but for an entire wedding...that's very hard to do! Ashley and Tre Hicks got married after planning their wedding in just a couple of months and kept the TOTAL spending to just $3000. And that includes the bridal shower dresses, in-law gifts, jewelry, ring...
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What's the Most Expensive Age of Our Lives?

Living life can be expensive. All the traveling, buying a home, starting a family, and getting an education add up to people spending big bucks. What age do you think we spend the most money? We have the answer! According to a new study from ClearScore , the age of 31 is the most expensive year of...
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