Valentine's Day

pink coffee cup

Starbucks Chocolate Covered Strawberry Valentine's Drink

Show yourself some extra love by ordering this for Valentine's Day.
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This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level
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Valentine's Breadstick Bouquet from Olive Garden is a Thing!

Maybe flowers aren't your thing... how do you feel about breadsticks? A romantic bouquet of Olive Garden breadsticks is an actual thing you can get for Valentine's Day! Forget the flowers: we want an @olivegarden #breadstickbouquet this #valentinesday (and every day, #tilldeathdouspart...
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Starbucks has a Valentine's Menu

Do you love someone a latte??? Starbucks wouldn't let this week pass without a special drink. The Cherry Mocha is back and people who've had it tell me it's one of the most delicious drinks Starbucks ever creates. It's back on the official menu NOW thru Valentine's Day. Here's the official...
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No More Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day?!

Ok, so they aren't the tastiest candy you can get for Valentine's Day, but they could easily be the most fun. But alas, for Valentine's in 2019, we may have to find other ways of asking people to "Be Mine." Turns out the company that manufacture the original candies shut down recently . The company...
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Today (February 6) Is the Most Popular Day for Breakups!

If you're in a relationship, consider yourself warned about today. It is Red Tuesday . Red Tuesday, according to experts, marks the most common day of the year for a breakup., according to a survey from Illicit Encounters . The "holiday" falls about a week before Valentine's Day. Red Tuesday falls...
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It Costs Nearly $10,000 to Start a New Relationship?

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and every year it seems that prices for gifts are on the rise. Apparently, falling in love WILL cost a lot. A Canadian company did some research on just how much it costs to fall in love and the number is pretty high! According to , one year...
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