Fitness at 5

End Your Workday with Commercial Free Fitness at 5

Fitness at Five is a commercial free hour of up-tempo workout songs to help you loosen up and stay fit after sitting all day working at home. Get a cardio workout in! Workout with the kids! Have a dance party! Get your blood pumping and shake off any stress! Or just have some fun while you cook...
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Napercise Is The Workout That We've Been Dreaming About

Napping can be great. In fact, taking a 45-minute nap is way more appealing than sweating profusely at the gym for a workout. Right? So this new “workout” (by UK based fitness center, David Llyod Clubs) caught our attention. Dubbed “Nap-ercise,” you guessed it! It is an hour long class that is made...
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