Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...


Wet Nose Pet: Matilda

This friendly robust lady is going to be an awesome family member soon. She gets along great with people and other dogs, and is always very social. Matilda is welcoming to new people and well-mannered, and everyone is charmed by her goofy energy. In her previous home, Matilda was loved, but too...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Rollo

Rollo is just too much. One minute he is all shy and the next minute play bowing. He is a friendly puppy who walks pretty well on the leash and is happy to meet new people. Another quirky bit of character: he doesn't seem to know his commands, but every time you give him a command (no matter...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a bit shy but is ready for, and in need of, your love. He loves to play with anything shiny or curl up in a nice lap for the evening. Approach him with some toys or cuddles and he will be yours forever! Contact the ...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Fella

Meet Fella, he is a super sweet 8 month old pup. He gets along great with cats and dogs when introduced properly, is house trained, & very intelligent; he has quickly learned "sit", "down", "up". He loves treats, playing chase, going on long walks, and snuggles. He'd be a great addition to...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Big Fish

Big Fish is a delightful red (orange) and white tabby with a bold personality. Once you're friends with this spunky lady, she will play for hours! She is cute as a button, very small despite her name, with soft, beautifully colored fur. She loves to meow and ask for snuggles, and adores being...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Fred

Fred is an absolute prince charming. His favorite things are cuddling, getting pets, going on walks, and chewing on a toy or bone. He gets along great with other dogs, loves all people, and seems to be okay with cats. He has an amazing spirit after all he has gone through. Fred is a docile...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Carl

Our vet took Carl (KD-01-09-01) home for some R&R and to Second Line Brewery and said he was a Great Boy!  He was very easily to walk, great with kids at the brewery and was very calm with everyone who wanted to say hi.  He plays fetch with himself - he will throw a toy and catch it or jump...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Q-Tip

Q- Tip (EO-03-20-06) was surrendered to the shelter with three other cats (who have since been adopted) because his family was moving.  He is declawed on all four paws.  Poor Q-Tip is not handling his shelter stay very well, so we hope he finds his forever  home soon.


Meet this pet...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Salvatore

A33094267 – Salvatore is a 3-year-old, neutered, DLH who was abandoned in a rental property and discussed by the landlord who tried to find him a new home for several weeks, without success.  He enjoys petting, but is very cautious until he gains trust.  Salvatore is declawed so...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Cap’n BooBoo

A18904832 – Cap’n BooBoo is a 10-year-old, neutered, Shih Tzu whose former owner is in failing health, so the family had to surrender him.  He can be independent, is very friendly and has a comical underbite.  This elder statesman thoroughly enjoys a good butt scratch and will...Read more