Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...


Wet Nose Pet: Pixie

Pixie is a very chill cat! She will play with you but all she wants to do is snuggle up and be lazy. Your lap, the couch or even a window ledge in the sun, will be some of her favorite places to nap. So, if you're someone who likes to lounge on the couch at the end of the day and watch some tv...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Dude


We have a beautiful hound named Dude who is in desperate need of a home. He is not doing well at the shelter, being confined. Because of his breed, he needs space to get his energy out, or a family who has plenty of time to devote to him so he doesn’t feel...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Mawmaw

Mawmaw is a 3-year-old female tabby cat. Just like your grandma, she’s ready to take care of you by making sure you have all the love you could ever need. She’s mostly independent, but always ready to give affection! She really enjoys catnip, chin scratches, and back rubs. Come meet your future...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Katana

Katana is a 4-year-old black Shepherd mix. She has beautiful markings that include the colors tan, white, brown, and black. This classy girl was found in the French Quarter and loves meeting new people. She is house-trained, affectionate, and knows how to sit on command. She is always at the...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds (ID #39363685) is a friendly, laid-back kitty.  He enjoys chin scratches, sunny windows for naps and chilling out.   

Meet this pet and more at the Eastbank Jefferson Parish Animal shelter at 1 Humane Way in Harahan. Visit...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Pete

SNW-06-07-31 Volunteers say Pete is a very affectionate and patient boy who responds to "come" and "sit." He is easy to pet and touch. He walks on leash, but likes to tug. He's a pretty active fellow. He's fun and would make a great jogging buddy. He had a fine time as a front office dog one day...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Aliea

Aliea is a small, adult Terrier. She was given to the owner 3 months ago, and the owner surrendered her to the shelter for not being a "good fit." We were told Aliea likes to be around people and is a bit on the needy side for attention. She weighs just eight and a half pounds. She seems to be...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Shelby

Shelby is practically perfect in every way. She is crate trained and will hang out quietly in her crate overnight or if you need to run out for an errand. We have 4 parakeets in her house (aka living dog treats!) and she completely leaves them alone, even when they're making lots of noise. In...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Janice

Janice is a 2-year-old female calico cat. Whether you want to chat, cuddle, or just chill out, you can count Janice in! She is always down to hang out with some humans and be by someone’s side giving out love and affection. She really loves to talk, so if talking to animals is...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Bourbon

Bourbon is a 12-year-old black Retriever/Labrador mix. Bourbon is that friend that's super shy at first but once they warm up to you they are a non-stop party. Despite his age, he still has plenty of playful energy and especially loves carry around his plush toys. When he’s not...Read more