Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...


Wet Nose Pet: Heaven

Do you want to snuggle alllll day long? Me too! I think we could make perfect friends then. I'm a very low energy doggo that likes to relax and sleep. I came in with my best friend Nevaeh and we love to snuggle...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Julius

Julius is a reserved, quiet lap dog. Quite the little gentleman, this friendly dog has an amazingly calm temperament along with an independent streak. He's an interesting character who would bring a lot of joy to your house. ...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Ace

This is a happy boy but he hasn't quite nailed a camera ready pose yet! Ace has been with PAWS for many months and we don't know why adopters keep looking over him. He is a boxer/lab mix who loves to play with others dogs, loves water and playing fetch, and loves to give nose licks! Even when...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Sylvester

Sylvester is a wonderful kitten! When you come visit him, he might be a little timid, but there is lots of love to have underneath. Sylvester grew up in a "family" with all boys, and they usually compete to get all the attention from visitors first. Sylvester likes to play cool, but what he...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Mr Pickles

Helloooo, I'm Mr. Pickles! I'm about 8 months old, a boxer/hound mix and I came from a high intake shelter in rural Louisiana. I'm a comic-loving, pocket protector wearing nerd. I love to sit inside and play Minecraft. I have trouble convincing myself to get up and go outside to get some fresh...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Matilda

This friendly robust lady is going to be an awesome family member soon. She gets along great with people and other dogs, and is always very social. Matilda is welcoming to new people and well-mannered, and everyone is charmed by her goofy energy. In her previous home, Matilda was loved, but too...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Carl

Our vet took Carl (KD-01-09-01) home for some R&R and to Second Line Brewery and said he was a Great Boy!  He was very easily to walk, great with kids at the brewery and was very calm with everyone who wanted to say hi.  He plays fetch with himself - he will throw a toy and catch it or jump...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Q-Tip

Q- Tip (EO-03-20-06) was surrendered to the shelter with three other cats (who have since been adopted) because his family was moving.  He is declawed on all four paws.  Poor Q-Tip is not handling his shelter stay very well, so we hope he finds his forever  home soon.


Meet this pet...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Salvatore

A33094267 – Salvatore is a 3-year-old, neutered, DLH who was abandoned in a rental property and discussed by the landlord who tried to find him a new home for several weeks, without success.  He enjoys petting, but is very cautious until he gains trust.  Salvatore is declawed so...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Cap’n BooBoo

A18904832 – Cap’n BooBoo is a 10-year-old, neutered, Shih Tzu whose former owner is in failing health, so the family had to surrender him.  He can be independent, is very friendly and has a comical underbite.  This elder statesman thoroughly enjoys a good butt scratch and will...Read more