Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...

Kitty Kat

Wet Nose Wednesday: Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat: Kitty Kat has lived her entire life as an outside, neighborhood cat. When she recently became very ill and stopped eating, a kind lady brought her to Northshore Humane Society. In addition to fleas and worms, it was revealed Kitty Kat is suffering from FeLV, an infection that worsens...Read more


Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Cheekie

Cheekie: Cheekie was one of 24 dogs Northshore Humane Society pulled from a shelter in the possible path of Hurricane Laura. This outgoing, four-year-old girl is absolutely full of life and the cutest thing ever! She loves everything and everyone and can truly make anyone's day brighter.Read more

Harvey the cat

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Harvey

Harvey is a 5-year-old Domestic Medium Hair mix who came into our shelter as a stray. Harvey loves people and will gladly snuggle up next to you when he is in the mood and make you laugh when you need it. He is patiently waiting for a family to give him the life he deserves. He is ready to be a...Read more

Margo the Magnificent

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Margo

Margo (A43763253) is a special needs cat with CH (cerebella hypoplasia) so she's a little wonky on her back legs. She wears a diaper because she doesn't have control of peeps and poops. She's a very curious cat that loves spending time on her foster mom's back porch. Even though Margo is special...Read more


Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Snickers

Snickers (A4350482) recently enjoyed an outing with one of her favorite volunteers who described her as an affectionate, curvy lady! Snickers hopped right into the car and sat quietly in the back seat. She was a great shopper at Home Depot where she was friendly with the new people she met. She...Read more


Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Snuggles

I'm called Snuggles because I have a one-track mind for cuddling. I’m a young, female hound mix. I like to tuck my head under your chin while you pet and hug me, and I like to examine your whole face. On walks, I like to sniff all the flowers. I want to be on your lap, or hanging my head out...Read more


Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Darby

Playing is my favorite way to pass the time. Wand toys, mice, and catnip galore. In fact, any type of toys I'm down to play with so I'm not your typical cat in that I won't lay around like some couch potato.Read more

Holly the dog

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Holly

Holly was abandoned chained up in front of the Villalobos Rescue's building. How anyone can could do this to this sweet gentle angel we dont understand.  Holly can be a little shy but is quick to come around once she is comfortable. She enjoys other dogs but prefers more mellow dogs to hang out...Read more

Mona the rat terrier

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Mona

This 1 year old Rat Terrier is active, playful, and very loving. She is 19lbs and needs to gain a little weight. Mona loves other dogs. Mona plays very well with her foster family's dog and would love a yard to run in and doggie friends to play with.Read more

Mini the dog

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Mini

Mini adores her people-- she loves to snuggle, sunbathe, play fetch, and grab her favorite toy to show off with a dance. Her burst is pretty limited though- she sleeps most of the day, and also does well in the kennel.Read more