Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...


Wet Nose Pet: Aliea

Aliea is a small, adult Terrier. She was given to the owner 3 months ago, and the owner surrendered her to the shelter for not being a "good fit." We were told Aliea likes to be around people and is a bit on the needy side for attention. She weighs just eight and a half pounds. She seems to be...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Shelby

Shelby is practically perfect in every way. She is crate trained and will hang out quietly in her crate overnight or if you need to run out for an errand. We have 4 parakeets in her house (aka living dog treats!) and she completely leaves them alone, even when they're making lots of noise. In...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Janice

Janice is a 2-year-old female calico cat. Whether you want to chat, cuddle, or just chill out, you can count Janice in! She is always down to hang out with some humans and be by someone’s side giving out love and affection. She really loves to talk, so if talking to animals is...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Bourbon

Bourbon is a 12-year-old black Retriever/Labrador mix. Bourbon is that friend that's super shy at first but once they warm up to you they are a non-stop party. Despite his age, he still has plenty of playful energy and especially loves carry around his plush toys. When he’s not...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Remi

Remi (EO-05-14-10) is a handsome young man whose owner could no longer afford to care for him.  He’s very sweet and is ready to be your best furever friend.  

Meet this pet and more at the Eastbank Jefferson Parish Animal shelter at 1 Humane Way in Harahan. Visit...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Delphyne

Delphyne (SN-01-08-02) is sweet and affectionate, easy to handle and loves to snuggle. She is  learning "sit" and is housetrained. This girl is so silly and fun. She prefers dogs of her size and activity level. We always recommend a meet and greet at the shelter if you have another dog in the...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Sadie Sue

Volunteers say that Sadie Sue is very sweet. She is easy to leash and walk. She likes to sit outside with you and just hang out. She loves being petted, likes treats and accepts them gently. She will lick you with kisses. This girl can be a bit mouthy. She is ok with teenagers, but young...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Savannah

Savannah is a darling girl, was shy in the shelter but is excelling in foster care! Her fosters took her to their farm and did great with their farm animals! She loves everyone, including gentle children. Email [email protected]...Read more

Wet Nose Pets: Smoot, Lola, and Turner

This young American Bulldog is a big sweet puppy. He is loving, talkative, appreciative, outgoing, but most of all just goofy. He loves to play- ideally with you but if not he can entertain himself. Smoot frequently "play bows" with his front paws and chest on the ground and his butt...Read more

Wet Nose Pet: Carl

Our vet took Carl (KD-01-09-01) home for some R&R and to Second Line Brewery and said he was a Great Boy!  He was very easily to walk, great with kids at the brewery and was very calm with everyone who wanted to say hi.  He plays fetch with himself - he will throw a toy and catch it or jump...Read more